A Few of My Favorite Things



With Christmas right around the corner, I just want to share a few of my favorite things that might make wonderful gifts for the people in your life.

Alex and Ani


I wear these 2 bracelets everyday.  One was from my parents and one was from my mother-in-law.  This style of bracelet is the Charm Bangel and is priced starting at $28. The Charm Bangel comes in more designs than just these two.  You can find them on their website.  I am sure you can find a very meaningful and inspirational gift for your mom, sister, aunt, daughter, or friends.  In fact, Alex and Ani carry many different styles of bracelets in addition to necklaces, rings, and earrings.  Everything is made in the US in Rhode Island.

Hydro Flask

I am not a cold drink person.  I hate cold drinks.  My husband has been using Hydro Flask for years.  He loved it.  I didn’t.  It made my drinks stay too cold!  Then I decide to make the switch from plastic to stainless steel and glass.  I decide to give Hydro Flask a try again. I am in love!  Especially with the 16oz tumblers for hot drinks.  They keep my coffee and tea warmer for longer then a mug does but still allows the liquid to cool a little so you don’t have to wait for ever to take a drink.  FYI…yes, that is an insulated wine glass with a lid and it is ahhhh-mazing!  It kept my white wine perfectly chilled for hours in 80 degree heat during a camping trip.  And the tall, skinny, silver capped bottle in the picture on the left?  That is an insulated wine bottle.

Dior Foundation Brush

This brush is life changing.  It is so, so soft and blends your makeup flawlessly.  Your liquid foundation will look airbrushed.  These are synthetic bristles.  This might seem like a weird gift but if you know a makeup lover this is a must-have brush.  I have actually started using less foundation because this brush does such a beautiful job depositing the foundation on my skin and blending my makeup.  I use this brush with my Dior liquid foundation and my BeautyCounter liquid foundation.  Makeup brushes can be expensive and most people don’t spend a lot on their makeup brushes.  I know I don’t.  This was an impulse buy after the makeup person used it on my face.  Ok, maybe not an impulse buy.  I actually thought about this one for a few months before I purchased.  I have other foundation brushes I told myself.  I told myself a lie.  This brush is a game changer and a wonderful way to fill a stocking with a treat.

Salt Fat Acid Heat


Salt Fat Acid Heat is the best cooking how-to book.  Samin Nosrat breaks good cooking down into the elements of salt, fat, acid, and heat and very simply teaches you how to implement those principles into your cooking.  I love this book so much, I am going to write a separate blog post about it.  This is a perfect gift for a new cook or an intermediate cook who wants to refine their cooking.  I haven’t cooked with a single recipe since I started reading this book.  It has helped me that much.

BeautyCounter Cleansing Balm


Most luxurious skin cleanser ever.  Actually the BeautyCounter Cleansing Balm is the most luxurious multitasker ever.  It is a cleanser, make-up remover, and over-night hydration mask.  It comes with an organic muslin cloth (which you get wet with warm water to remove the cleanser before a cool water rinse) and a scoop for the product.  They say to use an almond size amount of product but you can use less than that.  A little goes a long way.  This balm leaves your skin unbelievably soft and brighter thanks to the vitamin C and Cranberry extract in it.

Well, that’s my list!  I hope you got some gift ideas for the people on your list.

Happy Holidays from my kitchen to yours,

Lauren E.

Note:  I am not sponsored buy any of these companies, but I do sell BeautyCounter.  That will be another post too someday.  That adventure is still unfolding and your support is greatly appreciated.