Clean Out the Fridge Zoodles and Meatballs with Pesto

I don’t know about you but I often find myself in the following situation by the end of the week-the meals I prepped at the beginning of the week are long gone and I have an un-Godly amount of produce from Costco that is going to go bad if I don’t use it up.  Bulk Spinach I am talking about you.

Enter the Spiralizer.  The wonderful contraption that turns your veggies into noodles.  I looooove mine.  It has completely transformed the way my family eats.  We have a new found love affair with veggies.  Long veggie noodles that you can twirl up with your fork are very, very satisfying and reminds me of when I was little and would let a long piece of spaghetti dangle from my fork as I lowered it into my mouth.  So. Much. Fun.

Now that I am an adult and cooking for a busy household I find the spiralizer cuts down on my prep time and cooking time.  Second bonus, I replaced the grain component of our dinners with more veggies and my husband and I shed some pounds before we got married last July and have kept the weight off.  I also have discovered that while I don’t have Celiac’s I am sensitive to grains.  The Spiralizer allows me to eat all my favorite grain based meals without the bloat, abdominal pain, and pimples that occur after I eat rice and pasta.  I use a Spiralizer from Paderno.  The 4 blades allow for versatile spirzaling of different veggies, it comes apart so it cleans easily, and it suctions to the counter so it stays in place.  It is dishwasher safe too.

In order to make Clean out the Fridge Zoodles with Meatballs and Pesto you just take whatever produce you have and clean it, spiralize it, and cook it. Add pre-made frozen meatballs once the veggies start to soften up, put the lid on the skillet, and let the whole thing cook until the meatballs are cooked through.  Occasionally stir the Zoodles while they cook and stir gently so as not to break them.

Remember to salt and pepper everything and add whatever other seasonings you would like.  Italian seasoning, garlic, crushed red pepper.  Taste as you go. I think that is the secret to good cooking. Taste as you go and season with your family’s taste buds in mind.  Adjusting seasoning when cooking zoodles is especially important because the liquid released from the veggies can dilute your sauce and seasonings.

Next add jarred pesto! And presto you have dinner!

Note:  Specifically in the picture above I cooked sliced mushrooms first, added my zucchini and bell pepper zoodles, let those cook for about 5 minutes and then added my meatballs to warm through.  I then added tomato and spinach to the skillet.  I let as much of the zoodle liquid cook off as possible and added an unmeasured amount of pesto to the skillet.  Dinner was on the table in 30 minutes and my fridge was cleaned out.  Dinner and no food waste in this household?  That is a win, win in my book!

Happy Living!

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